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Jonezetta: The Rock Music You Didn’t Know You Needed

metalhead865 is trying something new: reviewing a band he knows nearly nothing about. Will he like it? Will YOU?—Sparkitors

Well, hello again, Sparklers! I just qualified myself to review albums I don’t actually own by joining Spotify (AKA the most awesome music streaming service on the face of the planet. And it’s free, too.).Anyway, about a week ago, I read about Jonezetta, a band that signed to Tooth & Nail Records in 2006. When I read they had the dance-rock chops to open for Family Force 5 on their ’07 DanceRAWRDance tour, I decided I had to check them out. I looked up the music video for their only single Get Ready (Hot Machete), and let’s just say that when your video involves a dance party in a ski lodge, the music doesn’t really matter. And yet, the song is the best part of the video. More on that later…

“Get Ready” was enough to make me want to look up Jonezetta’s debut, Popularity. I found it on Spotify and hit play, and this is what happened.

Some wobbly organ notes and a keyboard kick off the opening track, Welcome Home, before it turns into a full-on dance-rock jam. Handclaps and cool guitars keep this fun opener grooving along. The second track is the dance floor anthem Get Ready (Hot Machete), the reason I gave this album a chance. “Get Ready” starts with a slow chorus of “Ooo, back and forth and ooo, back and forth again“, and then kicks into a disco/new wave/rock anthem with lead singer Robert Chisholm getting funky on the mic: “Everybody get yourself up ’cause you know you wanna get down, we got the lights down low ’cause we know you wanna get down.” The breakdown is a hyper-pumpin’ shout-along: “Love ain’t always a party!

Communicate slows up the tempo a little for an Anberlin-style rock song about the ups and downs of love, but picks it back up for the storming anthem Man In A 3k Suit: “Hey Mr. Big Shot, wanna take it to the parking lot? Hey Mr. No Show, come on now, bring out that ego!” The next song, Backstabber, is a punchy tune about a, well, backstabber who gets what’s coming to him: “No one’s gonna save you now!” The title track Popularity comes next, firing it up with a hard rock groove and some profound thoughts about being popular.

The Love That Carries Me is driven by some funky piano and dance beats as Robert sings about his girlfriend: “She says it’s hard to stay away from the love that carries me.” Jonezetta provides a break in the action with the power ballad The City We Live In, which is full of beautiful vocal harmonies and acoustic guitar. The calm doesn’t last long, though, and the dance vibe returns on Bringin’ It Back Tonight…Everybody Start. Some horns and funky beats drive the next song, Burn It Down! to awesomeness levels unknown to mankind. The album ends with the slower but no less danceable Imagination. With a funky guitar part and some well-needed “whoa-oh-ohs”, Imagination finishes off the album perfectly.

I went into Popularity not knowing what to expect, and I come out saying that this is a must-have album for anyone who likes to get down and have a good time. It’s probably a little hard to find in CD form, but it’s worth the search. Jonezetta kind of disappeared in 2009, but this release leaves me praying for them to come back. I now love Jonezetta, and I hope this review makes you love them too!

What do you think? Do they sound worth listening to?

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