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Movie Adaptations That Would Be Better With Muppets

Who could forget the Muppet-infused film adaptations of Treasure Island and A Christmas Carol? Jim Henson and company even made one of The Wizard of Oz, although nobody likes to mention it. But why stop there? We see no reason why these well-known tales shouldn’t be Muppetized as well.

The Muppets’ Pride and Prejudice: Fozzie Bear would be great as Mr Bingley. And do Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy make a perfect Mr and Mrs Bennet or what? Rowlf the Dog, as a versatile performer, would play Darcy.

The Muppets’ Twilight: Miss Piggy is perfect for Bella, but Kermit is far too lovable to play sulky, no-fun, 100-year-old Edward. We suggest either Statler or Waldorf for that part. Rowlf would take on a challenging role as Jacob. And who would play Emmett? Animal, naturally.

The Lion, The Witch, The Wardrobe and The Muppets: With Miss Piggy as the White Witch and Animal as Aslan. Rizzo is just made to play Reepicheep, and forget James McAvoy, Rowlf would be the Mr Tumnus.

The Muppets’ Series of Unfortunate Events: There’s a whole raft of supporting characters are just asking to be played by Muppets: Count Olaf (Sam the Eagle), Aunt Josephine (Kermit), and Mr. Poe (Gonzo), with Bunsen and Beaker as the Quagmire twins.

The Muppets of the Baskervilles: Kermit could totally pull off a great Sherlock Holmes performance, with Fozzie Bear as Watson. Rowlf the Dog can once again let his acting skills shine as the Hound.

The Muppets’ Harry Potter: Kermit, Fozzie Bear and Miss Piggy star as the main trio, with an appearance by Gonzo as Dumbledore. Which leaves Voldemort to be played by the Swedish Chef.

What would like to see the Muppets star in?

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