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Neville Longbottom Cements His Status as the Hottest Hogwarts Alum with this RIDICULOUSLY SCHMEXY Instagram Pic

I’m just going to put this here:

ARE YOU SWEATING? BECAUSE I AM SWEATING. ALSO SWOONING. Somebody fetch me a fainting couch and some extra-strength deodorant, POST-HASTE. And while you’re doing that, take a moment to consider that our favorite cardigan-wearin’, Potter-killin’, puberty-defyin‘, basilisk-beheadin’, dweeby-dweebin’ grandma’s boy is now a PHILOSOPHER’S-STONE-COLD FOX. I’d expand on the point, but I’ve got a computer screen to make out with. FUTURE MRS. LONGBOTTOM, OUT.

Image via Matthew Lewis’ Instagram,  @realmattdavelewis

HERMIONE, BREW UP SOME AMORTENTIA POTION, STAT—I’VE GOT TO SEDUCE MATTHEW LEWIS! Is this half-naked pic of Neville giving you the vapors? YUP, US TOO.