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Our 7 Favorite Fictional Geek Couples

Though seven real-life nerd couples recently gave us hope, we still turn to our fictional faves for perfect romance—because it’s much easier/less illegal to spy on people who only live in our DVD collection/bookshelf. Here are our picks for fiction’s 7 greatest nerdly duos:

Troy and Abed, Community: Though they’re not technically a couple, we’re officially declaring them common-law life partners. Between deep discussions conducted in Batman voices, long days spent in the Dreamatorium, and engineering the greatest blanket fort mankind has ever known, Troy and Abed achieve a supremely geeky mindmeld that most couples can only dream of.

Neville and Luna, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Yeah, yeah, so they only pair up (it’s assumed) in the movie version. But you know what else only happens in the movie version? Neville becoming unexpectedly hot! Considering his love of herbology and her love of plant species that might not exist, we’re sure these two can keep each other guessing for life. They’re also among the few Hogwarts students that, following the departure of the Weasley twins, could occasionally outshine Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s trinity of Horcrux-smashing awesomeness.

Seymour and Audrey, Little Shop of Horrors: From the sweater vests to the high-water pants to the inability to walk in a straight line successfully, Seymour is the ultimate nerd (or the ultimate 21st-century hipster). But he’s also sweet, smart, and respectful of women. And under her ditzy blonde exterior, Audrey has a heart of gold, and a dream of escaping to a life in the suburbs with Seymour. We’re very, very happy that the amazing 1986 musical gave them a happy ending, because the 1960 version most definitely did not.

Tim and Dawn, The Office (British version): Messing with coworkers and making each other laugh is the only way Tim and Dawn survive their dead-end jobs at the world’s most dysfunctional paper company. And when these two nerds finally get together, at a cheesy company holiday party, it feels a million times more romantic than the dime-a-dozen hookups of random attractives on every other show.

Ellie and Carl, Up: Uh oh, here come the tears. Ellie’s a confident tomboy and Carl a bookish nerd when they meet as children and bond over their love of world-famous explorer Charles F. Muntz. They grow up, get married, and have a wonderful life together, never losing their sense of wonder about the world. And when Ellie dies, Carl finally achieves their shared dream of moving their house (based on a drawing they made as kids) to the mythical land of Paradise Falls, Venezuela.

Mulder and Scully, The X-Files: The ultimate believer met the ultimate skeptic, and a million sexy fanfics were born. NOT THAT ANY WERE WRITTEN BY US, WE SWEAR. Scully’s analytical stare + Mulder’s quest for truth + unexplained phenomena = 9 seasons and a movie’s worth of “will they or won’t they?”

Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters, The Fault in Our Stars: Everything that Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters do is kinda magic. They write Venn diagram love letters, obsess over insanely obscure fiction (and hilariously bad video game–based fiction), and go on surreal picnics. They also watch TV and drive around, but even that’s meaningful when you’re with these two bright, prematurely mature teen cancer patients. Everyone dreams of finding someone whose geekiness matches up so perfectly with their own, and star-crossed lovers Hazel and Augustus actually achieve it.

Ahhhhh, Hazel and Augustus! Greatest couple EVARRRR! Who’s your fave ficitonal geek couple?