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Paranormal Romance’s Last Gasp: 5 Supernaturals that Deserve a Chance

Once the hottest thing in YA lit, vampires are now totally dead (again). But before paranormal romance fizzles out completely, we want to send some love to all the other creatures who lurk in the shadows, making our hearts race but in a good way. Here are five supernatural beings who deserve a chance to get their sexy back—and the books that could serve as their reintroduction:

1. The Swamp Thing’s Thing: The Swamp Thing Chronicles
Excerpt: “When Kylie told him she couldn’t kiss a man who tasted like a diaper, he was grateful only that the swamp water oozing from his body hid his tears.”

2. Headless Over Heels: A Novel of the Headless Horseman
Excerpt: “I might not be able to see, think, or speak, Donna Marie—but just because I have no head, doesn’t mean I have no heart!”

3. Mummy’s The Word: Book One In The Sheila The Mummy Trilogy
Excerpt: “‘Don’t come in!’ she yelled, as the door slammed. Sheila, frazzled, tried to get her bandages back in place over her leathery cursed skin. ‘I’m…all wrapped up at the moment!'”

4. You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream, Because We Are In Love: A Banshee Book
Excerpt: “Just because I’m a banshee, doesn’t mean I don’t want what every girl wants, Colin. A home, a family, a man to love her, a beeper to alert me when death is imminent!”

5. Tiny Love: An Elf Romance
Excerpt: “She made her way carefully onto the dance floor. Thirteen people nearly squashed her like a bug, but Ellen didn’t care: she had spotted Gregory’s giant, khaki-covered leg, and that was all that mattered.”

Do you still love paranormal fiction, or are you ready to watch it die?