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Place Your Bets: It’s the Batman Villain Bracket Brawl for Get Pop Cultured’s DC Comics Days!

We are knee-deep in the middle of DC Comics Days at Barnes & Noble for their month-long Get Pop Cultured celebration. And what better way to celebrate than to determine which Batman villain is the bestest using the tried and true bracket method!

For far too long the Batman has sat upon Gotham’s throne, in his delusions exalting himself as the unshakable monarch of an urban hell. If only he looked down from his ivory tower to see in whose hands the city truly belongs: the wretches and the thieves, the demons and the murderous beasts, the… as they’ve so charmingly come to be called… the “villains.” There can only be one king or queen in this city of black-hearted opportunity, and you’re invited to watch the glorious spectacle unfold before your very eyes.