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Questions Home Schoolers Have to Answer Every Day

We love this post by Sparkler Wakwy. These are questions we’ve always had about home schooled kids! —SparkNotes editors

My home schooled friends have been practically begging me to write this post. We hope that all you normal public schoolers will read this and have your questions answered, because we hate having to answer these same questions day and night. By the way, this is based on my general knowledge of home schoolers, mostly in Michigan and Illinois.

Q: So, do you like homeschooling?

A: Depends on whether or not you have a brother or sister who’s significantly younger than you. If you do, then homeschooling isn’t always a bowl of cherries.

Q: Since you’re homeschooled, are you like, smarter?

A: Common sense or book sense? Common sense, not always (or maybe that’s just me). Book sense, yes, because we have nothing to do all day but sit there and read books.

Q: Do you get to do school in your pajamas?

A: Yes. I do school in my pajamas every day.

Q: Do you get perfect A’s on everything?

A: No. And our teacher/parent gets mad and says stuff like “You can do better than that!” if we score a B-.

Q: Do you get to take days off whenever you want?

A: That depends on the teacher/parent. A lot of the homeschoolers I know in Michigan and Illinois get to take a break for as long as a week, provided that we do the schoolwork ahead of time.

Q: Are you a nerd? (Yes, people come up and ask us that. It’s weird.)

A: Yes. Actually, I’d guess that 80% of homeschoolers are nerds/geeks. And about 40% of those might be Sparklers.

Q: Are your parents/teachers strict?

A: Ohhh yeah. I’m 14 and I still have to go to bed at 9 p.m. No exceptions. At all.

Q: So, are you going to be homeschooled through high school?

A: If the victim of such stupid questions has been homeschooled since at least 3rd grade, the answer is probably yes.

Q: What about college? Are your parents going to homeschool you through college?

A: Um, unless the person’s parents are professors, they will go to a normal college/university/whatever.

Q: Is it weird having your parent as a teacher?

A: You have no idea. Your teacher knows every single thing about you there is to know. That’s weird.

Is there anything else you’ve always wondered about home schoolers?

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