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QUIZ: Can You Guess Which Classic Novel This TV Show Was Based On?

I stopped being able to feel surprised by things somewhere around 2015. That was the year Steve Harvey announced the wrong Miss Universe, Zayn left One Direction, and Ariana Grande licked a donut she hadn’t paid for. It was a year so full of wacky plot twists that I felt sure nothing would shock me ever again.

But I’m here to tell you I stand corrected. I recently found out various popular TV shows were based on, or inspired by, classic novels, and I was properly taken aback by this information. Some of them were new to me. Maybe they’ll be new to you, too. So can you guess which classic novel these TV shows were based on, or did you leave your ability to feel surprised back in the year of Left Shark, the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, and the dress that was either blue and black or white and gold?

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