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QUIZINATOR: Sparkler Series—Part 1!

Last week, as you may recall, we asked, nay, begged, for your finest quiz submissions—and you, as ever, came through, delivering a dozen phenomenal quizzes directly to our inbox. We wish we could shower you with thank-you gifts, but our budget is already stretched to the limit (we caved and bought the “value pack” of sea monkeys—800 for only $3 million!!), so you’ll have to settle for our first ever Sparkler-written quiz, submitted by annwhite08 and guaranteed to make you laugh so hard that you forget all about our frivolous and ill-advised spending habits. Oh—and if someone calls about the gold-plated aquarium and miniature, diamond-encrusted sea monkey furniture, just take a message; we’ll probably be out droppin’ mad cash on THIS.

If you haven’t quite caught on to this whole “quiz-takin’ racket” quite yet, CLICK HERE to be baptized by fire (literally, not figuratively, of course).

Blogging Twilight Raw Score Rubric:

If you scored 0-300 points, you are: E-Rock—and you have clearly never read a single Blogging Twilight post. You know that song “Nobody Likes You, Everybody Hates You, You Should Go Eat Worms”? Yeah…we wrote that about you, dude.
If you scored 301-1000 points, you are: Mike, and we can’t even remember what role you play in the Twilight books. We’re leaning toward Twitchy Biology Teacher.
If you scored 1001-2000 points, you are: Jessica, and you have really shiny hair. Would it be too forward for us to ask what kind of conditioner you use?
If you scored 2001-3000 points, you are: Jacob, and you not only memorized every Blogging Twilight post ever written, you also set them to music. THIS music. God, you’re great.

We want some more, we want some more! We’d love to hear from all y’all out there, so check out our instructional Quiz Whiz post and submit your own quiz at c aaron[at]!