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Sherlock and Elementary to Swap Watsons For One Season

In a rare and unprecedented joint press announcement, CBS and the BBC have announced a completely unforeseen, high improbable event: a crossover between both popular Sherlock Holmes television programs. In an act of good faith, and as an acknowledgement that both shows share a fanbase; Lucy Liu’s Joan Watson will swap places with Martin Freeman’s John Watson for one season in 2015.

After the sudden press junket featuring both Sherlock co-creator Mark Gatiss and Elementary showrunner Rob Doherty, Twitter was abuzz with the brand new hashtag: #WatsonSwap.

Speaking via his newly-revived Twitter account Sherlock showrunner Steven Moffat said simply that “We’re doffing our deerstalker to Elementary with style, and thrilled they’re returning the favor.” On how the decision was reached to begin with, Doherty revealed it was actually “Benedict[Cumberbatch] and Jonny’s[Lee Miller] idea!” Apparently, the two Sherlocks connected recently after participating in a rehearsal for their revival of the two-man Frankenstein theatre production, and dreamed up the idea.

“Jonny phoned me up, slurring his words,” Doherty said, “And as he was, I was already texting Mark Gatiss.” At this point in the press junket, Gatiss and Doherty high-fived to wild applause.

It is unclear yet how the Watson swap will be handled. Some fans are already theorizing a shared-universe, not unlike that of the Marvel Universe, where Sherlock (Cumberbatch) becomes aware of other Sherlocks (Lee Miller) and decides to form a sort of super-team. It’s also possible an alternate universe inter-dimensional doorway could be introduced allowing the Watsons to pass through it. This second theory seems even more likely since Mark Gatiss has already hinted that the casting of Billie Piper in at least one of the crossover episodes is “probably a lock.”

When reached for comment Martin Freeman (still in his bathrobe) only said “Wow. That’s really something.” Lucy Liu, however was more gregarious.

“I can’t wait to work with Benedict Cumberbatch,” she gushed, “He’s absolutely my favorite Sherlock Holmes, ever. SHHH. Don’t tell Jonny!”

As #WatsonSwap swept Twitter, Robert Downey Jr. sent a heroically massive tweet at Cumberbatch, Liu, Lee Miller, Gatiss, Moffat and Doherty which simply read: “Congrats on @WatsonSwap. Jude wants in.”

More on this as it develops! Are you excited for the Watson Swap? Which one is your favorite?

(This article is a joke. It’s April Fool’s Day. None of this actually happened.)