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Should You Friend Your Mom on Facebook?

It’s that dreaded notification you never hoped to receive:

You have a Facebook friend request—from Mom.

You are consumed by panic. What do you do?

Step 1: Delay

That’s right, put it off as long as possible. Depending on how swift your parental unit is, confirming a Facebook friendship could take days, weeks, months even… what do they know?

Step 2: Deny

“Hey, why haven’t you accepted my friend request?”

Gasp, the gall of them! Don’t they know that you’re not supposed to ask someone about your Facebook friendship status?! This is when you casually say something like, “Oh I haven’t checked my Facebook in weeks,” or, “Did you request me? Hmm, that’s weird, I don’t think I got it.”

Step 3: Decide

You’ve put if off as long as you can. Will you accept your mom’s friend request? You could always say no, but if you have highly paranoid/suspicious parents, they’re going to think you’re hiding something from them (instead of simply just wanting a teensy bit of privacy) and then they’ll get all weird on you. If that sounds like your parents, best to accept the friendship, put them on the limited profile setting, and hope they get so wrapped up in their own Facebook social life that they forget about yours.

Would you friend your parental unit on Facebook?

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