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Showin’ The Love for Lady Gaga

M.Bee wants you to see a different side of Lady Gaga—the side without all the INSANE FACE IMPLANTS.—Sparkitors

The words I’m about to tell you are words I never imagined myself saying. Or typing, technically. Children and those faint of heart, avert thine eyes. If you need to leave the room, that’s cool, too. Those brave enough to stay, I applaud you. Alright, here it goes:

Lady Gaga is my hero.

Geez, I’m so glad to get that off my chest. Some things you just can’t hold in. It affects the soul and hurts the heart.

In all seriousness…I sound ridiculous. As a sensible lass, there are other people more qualified for the role of Inspirational Figure for me to admire, a list including but not limited to Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Jared the Subway Guy. Lady Gaga has good music, but she’s certainly no president or  black rights activist (she also hasn’t lost 100 pounds by eating foot-long sandwiches, as far as I know).

But as I watch the HBO special about the Monster Bash concert in Madison Square Garden, I see a side of Gaga I haven’t seen before. She’s a woman who treats her fans like equals while walking the streets. Even though she’s one of the most popular artists around, she still cries because she feels insecure.

As the concert continues, it’s not the music or the crazy costumes that strike me. It’s that she tells her fans how beautiful they are and that they should always follow their dreams.

So, yeah, I know what you’re thinking: Isn’t Lady Gaga, like, kind of nuts?

And my answer to you is: yeah, a little. I mean, she does have a bra that shoots sparks.

The thing is, Lady Gaga is also pretty badass (excuse the language). She’s not afraid to wear ridiculous outfits, sing songs that don’t entirely make sense all of the time, and perform dance routines that make my legs say “Shouldn’t you be more active? Like, can’t we go for a bike ride or something?”

But the thing that makes Lady Gaga cool is that she’s not afraid to be herself. She feels insecure, just like any normal person, but she pursues her dreams anyway. She was once considered a loser in high school like I am, but now she’s so famous that even a sheltered northern Minnesotan girl like me knows all about her. She’s pretty much the epitome of following your heart and all that jazz. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, you can still do amazing things.

So the next time you lose faith in yourself, just do something “Gaga-esque” to pump that self-confidence up, like covering yourself in fake blood.

Or maybe not. That actually sounds like a pretty bad idea. Unless you’re into that or something, I’m not judging. Maybe you were born that way.

What do you think of Gaga? Crasy-good or just plain crazy?

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