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Every day, lots of Sparklers ask us for blog post topics. We get emails, Facebook messages, and pigeons that fly to our office and poop “ARTICLE TOPIX PLZ” onto the windows. We looooove coming up with post ideas, but sometimes it makes our brains explode a little. That’s why this post, by MegAmanda8, is one of our faves. Thanks for the help, girl! —SparkNotes editors

We’ve all been there: You’re sitting at home, just after school, procrastinating like heck on your homework, IMing your friends, racing for “FIRST!!!” on all the new SparkLife posts, when you think: Who are these awesome writer people and how do they come up with this stuff?

Lately I’ve noticed a lot of posts by “Contributor”—usually, but not always, an amazingly well-known Sparkler from the comments section. I am not well-known, I have never written a fabulous SparkLife post, and I’m not all that amazing (unless you ask my parents or my stalker ex-boyfriend, anyway…). But because I’m in the same boat as many of you, I have compiled a list of possibly epic topics for all of you nerds (I say that lovingly; it’s a compliment) to write about:

  • Dr. Seuss Books
  • Why Teachers Shouldn’t Assign Homework if They Complain About Grading It
  • The Absolute Joy of a Brand-New Notebook
  • Why Highlighters are Awesome
  • Lemurs. Enough said.
  • Why Getting First on a SparkLife Post is So Exhilarating
  • Nerds are Awesome Because…
  • Bedtime, and Why it Doesn’t Work
  • Why Should We Read Boring Books When We Have SparkNotes?
  • Why People Should Just Shut Up About Twilight Already
  • Loose-Leaf, Spiral Bound, or Composition?
  • The Best Pens and Pencils Ever Made
  • I Secretly Love [insert required reading book] (Mine would be The Illiad/Odyssey)
  • All Kinds of Kids Use SparkNotes. Only the Epic Stay.
  • How to Make Long Bullet Lists Without Boring People
  • Homework: Why We Shouldn’t Have It.
  • Key Club, GSA, Debate Team, and All Other Under-Appreciated School Clubs
  • The Virtues of Duct Tape

Did these help?

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Wanna write for SparkLife? You have no excuse not to—MegAmanda just gave you a million amazing ideas! Send your post and nickname to for consideration!