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SparkLife Superlatives

bubbles396 has some questions for you. And by “you,” we mean, “allllllll of you.” —Sparkitors

SparkLife Academy wouldn’t be complete without a yearbook, right? Right. What comes with a yearbook? Superlatives, that’s what. The ten superlatives below are what I cooked up in my squishy, little brain. I’d love to read your answers in the comments!

Best Username (male):

Best Username (female):

Best Username (unknown gender—hey, it’s possible!):

Most Compatible with Dan Bergstein:

Most Bams on an Open Thread:

Most Bams on a Blogging Twilight Post:

Most Bams EVER:

Wittiest Sparkler:

Wittiest Mankler:

Person with the most Friwards:

What do you think?

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