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Stock Photo Face-Off: Your Text Here Edition

So many of you wrote in from the last Stock Photo Face-Off asking where Mr. Gupta shops (hint: starts with ‘A’ and rhymes with “jock itch”) that it took us almost two weeks and eighteen additional interns to respond to requests and get around to tallying your votes. The results: Miss Muppet for the win with the Jelly Bean Bandit a close second. Congratulations to Miss Muppet and the creative team who made this victory possible.

This week we explore a certain kind of image that is the backbone of the cutting-edge, multi-gazillion-dollar stock photo industry: the “your text here” image. With just a little blank space, any image in this category can be customized to fit the customer’s specific and totally logical needs. Instead of captions this week, we did as instructed and added our text here:

Would you add your text here to any of the images? Do share in the comments.

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