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Summer is the smell of barbecue, chlorine, and sunscreen. Summer is long, slow days, tanning by the pool, spraying more Sun-In on our hair. Summer is cutoff jeans and a tank top, blowing a little in the baking breeze. Summer is watching the nine-o-clock sunsets as you feel the warmth still radiate from the porch underneath you. Summer is the whole world taking a sweet breath and tasting the eternal promise of this glorious three-month span. The endless hope, the endless freedom and gaiety, the endless possibilities that embed themselves in every molecule of air and solidity can never fade away with the perpetual heat. The precise angle of the Earth catches enough of the Sun’s rays to heat the air to an intricate range of temperatures that instantly binds the oxygen and nitrogen with some magical enchantment. And this spell allows the capacity for all wishes and intentions to be fulfilled. The hot air quivers with this warm aspiration and mingles with each kiss of light that the Sun rains down.

A hot wind carries along an undying song through leafy trees. It weaves laughter, singing, dancing and dreams into a tangible sensation that pervades the air like the fragrance of flowers. Yes, this new tender feeling blossoms for all to experience and creates an elixir of youth for the world to drink in. This whole section of the Earth blazes full of warm throbbing life-free to wander, make mistakes, and love.