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It’s inevitable. You *WILL* study Shakespeare at some point in your education. If you’re already past that point, hopefully you had a lovely teacher who made it awesome for you and helped you unlock that “I Understood a Shakespeare Joke” achievement (thanks, Teach!). If not, get excited! Shakespeare is the biznack, and anyone who tells you otherwise obviously hasn’t found this site yet.

Whether you’re feeling heartbroken, or conflicted, or upset that your uncle just murdered your father, Shakespeare gets how you feel. I mean he did invent the perfect boyfriend (Romeo: falls head over heels on sight, is happy to spend date night at your house). But which Shakespearean invention would be your bestie? Are you the kind of person who loves a bit of drama and would keep a Mercutio in their ranks, or someone who needs some comic relief in the form of a Benedick?

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