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The 5 Best Movie-to-Book Adaptations

There’s nothing quite like seeing a movie that brings the twists and turns of a truly great book to life, but how often do you read a great book that brings a movie to life? Surprisingly there aren’t that many! So we thought you might enjoy this handy list of some of the best books adapted from of your favorite movies out there!

1. I, Jedi

There are literally hundreds of books based on the Star Wars universe, and we’ll just level with you right now, they’re not all winners. I, Jedi, however, is amazing and is widely considered a standout amongst avid Star Wars readers. Told in the first person, I, Jedi tells the tale of Corran Horn, a Jedi in training at Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Academy. If you’re a grade-A Star Wars freak, this is required reading, but even just fans of well rendered, swashbuckling space-action should love it as well.

2. The Matrix Comics

Over a series of 12 stories, the Wachowskis collaborated with many of the top names in the comic biz to create this collection, and it was truly a labor of love. At the time, graphic novels weren’t the standard for blockbuster films, but the Wachowskis had such a geeky fascination with comics, that they created this innovative expansion of the Matrix mythos that pleases movie fans and comic book fans alike.

3. 2001: A Space Odyssey

Arthur C. Clarke’s novelization of Stanley Kubrik’s 2001 was every bit as groundbreaking in the world of sci-fi literature as Kubrick’s mind-bending movie was in the world of film. Clarke actually wrote the novel as he was crafting the script alongside Kubrick, and so many of the head-scratching moments of 2001 (and let’s face it, there are a lot of those!) are elaborated on with thrilling detail.

4. Night of the Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead is arguably the most emulated work of horror out there, so it’s surprising that it wasn’t until recently it had been made into a comic book. This collection of stories is a prequel to Romero’s classic, and follows a great deal of the key characters leading up to the events of Living Dead. For fans of the film, this collection rocks, because we get to see new insights into the characters, and even learn of origin stories behind a few of the most memorable zombies from the film!

5. Uhura’s Song

Star Trek may be the only super-extended literary mythology that is harder to navigate through than the Star Wars world, but if you’re looking to boldly go where only Trekkie-geeks have gone before, then pick up Uhura’s Song. The story centers on the classic crew of SS Enterprise, as they race to save the inhabitants of an alien planet before it succumbs to the destructive force of a vicious plague that may spread across the cosmos. Lt. Uhura may hold the key to the cure, but it’s up to Kirk and the crew to unravel the mystery!

What movie would you like to see made into a book?