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The Great Butterbeer Showdown: We Test-Drive the Top Recipes and Award the Triwizard Cup to the Best!

“Seriously,” said my buddy Amy recently. “You really gotta go to Universal Studios sometime. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!”

“I know,” I said. “Butterbeer’s there!”

“It’s like a fangirl’s dream come true,” said Amy, a bit louder. “You can actually go in the shops and—”

“Plus there’s butterbeer,” I said. “JK taste-tested dozens of recipes ’til she found one that was exactly what she imagined. Did you know?”

Amy rubbed her temples. “Kath, you tell me literally every time this comes up. You know I’ve actually been—

“And there’s a bubbly layer and a foam layer,” I added, sleeving drool from my chin. “It probably tastes like every holiday ever, and that includes the presidents’ birthdays. Prime minister’s, I guess, if we’re—wow, it’s almost like that eye roll happened because you’re annoyed with me.”

So instead of spending another moment daydreaming about this buttery, delicious, fictional drink, I took matters into my own hands. And kitchen. For your benefit and mine, I’ve ordered them worst to best.