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The Hit List: Coldplay

Sparkler Julez_Eliza might just be the biggest Coldplay fan ever! And we can’t blame her: English accents are pretty darn irresistible.— The SparkNotes Editors

It was a dark, dreary day on planet Earth. The date was March 2nd, 1977. People moped about in their unexciting lives, listening to unenlightening music, trapped in a state of ever-lasting lethargy. Suddenly, the sun broke through the clouds, and people all over rejoiced: a genius had been born in Devon, England, and his name was Chris Martin. Twenty years later, Chris, along with Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, and Will Champion, formed a band that is the greatest thing since the internet. They called it Coldplay.

What is it about this band that makes all others seem inferior? Well…

1. Their music actually has meaning. The sad reality is that good music is hard to come by these days, what with artists sticking unnecessary punctuation and/or dollar signs in their names, and singing songs that could make you blush faster than your 8th period crush. Coldplay writes songs with depth and thought, and their lyrics always make you think. Sure, sometimes the words make no sense at all, but that just adds to the great complexity of their music; you have to interpret the lyrics on your own, and decide what the song means to you.

2. They aren’t morally bankrupt. Coldplay is active in several support campaigns, including Amnesty International. They are known for giving ten percent of their earnings to various charities, and continue to request that any gifts intended for them be donated to charity instead.

3. They’re BRITISH!! Seeing as my family hails from the UK, I may be biased on this one. However, I think that when an artist is from a foreign country, it makes them all the more interesting. And all the more fun to listen to them in interviews.

In short, Coldplay get me through the dull spots in life, lighting up my world with thought-provoking words and smile-inducing accents. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

What do you think, Sparkers? Are you Coldplay fans? And don’t forget to send your own reviews to!

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