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The Mindhut can’t pretend to know what happens after death. If we claimed as much, it would be equal parts presumptuous, controversial, and depressing. However, we DO like to imagine a post-mortal realm where the greatest minds of history are able to assemble and do what they do best… FIGHT! In our new series of weekly riddles, it is up to you to decipher the code and interpret their intellectual feuds. These are brainy battles.


“Zen is nothingness.” Said the Buddha.

“I’m twice as Zen as you!” Challenged Gandhi.

“And I’m four times as Zen as that!” Retorted Einstehn (who wanted a silent H in his name too)

“I’m Einstehn’s Zen-ness squared!” Proclaimed Dah Vinci.

How Zen is that in comparison the Buddha?

If you think you’ve figured it out, post your theories below. Check back next week for a new riddle as well as this week’s answer and explanation.

Last week’s answer: 1p^2 x2 x10 = K

(One page squared/squired times 2 times 10 equals King Arthur)

*As always, original artwork is created by the marvelous Mr. Mikey Barger