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THE MINDHUT PRESENTS Brainy Battles: Week Five!

The Mindhut can’t pretend to know what happens after death. If we claimed as much it would be equal parts presumptuous, controversial, and depressing. However, we do like to imagine a post-mortal realm where the greatest minds of history are able to assemble and do what they do best… FIGHT! In our new series of weekly riddles, it is up to you to decipher the code and interpret their intellectual feuds. These are brainy battles.

WEEK FIVE: Five geniuses are driving home late at night after an intense slapboxing tournament. Socrates, who had easily won, is both steering and gloating. Riding shotgun is a bitter Plato and sharing the back seat with swollen and sullen faces are Martin Luther King, Sherlock Holmes, and Hippocrates.

“Let me ask a question so you all can logically arrive at the answer.” Socrates prodded through tension. “Who’s the man?”

The other geniuses booed exasperatedly. Martin Luther King protested that had he not been a pacifist, Socrates would have felt his fist.

“Please educate me,” Socrates continued. “How does it feel to lose to the champ?”

Plato scoffed while Hippocrates tended to his own wounds.

“Did you enjoy being in my cave of pain?”

Before the geniuses could offer retort, a pair of blinding high beams flooded the rearview mirror. They were accompanied by loud beeping and two rough hits on the car’s bumper.

“It’s Edgar Allen Poe!” Shouted Plato. “That dark doofus is trying to run us off the road!”

“But that would injure everyone!” Objected Hippocrates.

“He’s demented,” said Plato. “He doesn’t care!”

Socrates stepped on the gas but the pursuing vehicle stayed close on his tail.
Fortunately, a nearby police cruiser heard the commotion and responded aptly. Once both cars had been stopped, Sherlock Holmes jumped out and pointed at Poe accusingly.

“Arrest that man!” The famed detective instructed police. “AND his accomplice!”

Who was Edgar Allen Poe’s accomplice and how did Sherlock Holmes know? If you think you’ve figured it out, post your theories below. Check back next week for a new riddle as well as this week’s answer and explanation.

Last week’s answer:
Socrates wore blue shorts and played basketball.
Plato wore red shorts and played racquetball.
Hammurabi wore green shorts and wrestled.
Merlin wore black shorts and played badminton.

Explanation: The best way to solve grid logic puzzles is through process of elimination. “X” off a box when a clue reveals that it’s corresponding row and column categories cannot pair. Eventually, only one box should be left for each category pairing.

Remember that there can be no repeats. For example: if Socrates has blue shorts, nobody else can. So you cross off blue as an option for all other geniuses.

(Congratulations to ashtheghost on answering correctly quickest! Also to penguin-on-fire and rose-moon for arriving at accurate conclusions.

This was the second time that ashtheghost and rose-moon solved our Brainy Battles. They are aspiring geniuses, indeed. Can you join their ranks?)