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The Pros and Cons of Christmas

GiGiGrace knows that the holiday season ain’t all cheer and hot chocolate.—Sparkitors

Christmas is just around the corner, and I’m split between my childish, optimistic outlook and my mature “bah humbug” attitude. Whether you think Christmas is the best thing since sliced gingerbread (see what I did there? Genius!), or you’re a Scrooge type, everyone’s got to deal with it once a year—unless, of course, you can emigrate to somewhere under a rock. So, here are the pros and cons of Christmas!


The food: Christmas! A time for gorging yourself on chocolate, candy canes and sugarplums (anyone actually know what they are?). Whether you’re more traditional and opt for the whole shabang, turkey and all, or tend to go for a more classy take on it, Christmas dinner is one of the highlights of the day (in my opinion). And the leftovers (if you have any) are to die for.

The smells: This may seem a bit strange, but the smell of Christmas is what gets me most excited. The scent of fresh snow mixed with mulled wine, cinnamon, gingerbread and pine trees—I can almost hear the sleigh bells ringing…or is that Justin Beiber singing?

The presents: Not just receiving them! I love the feeling when a present you’ve bought for someone really makes them smile. It feels like, somehow, you’ve made them a little bit happier. Soppiness aside, getting presents can also help you stock up on your scarily-depleted book pile, lack of novelty socks, and dog-costume selection…

Christmas entertainment: Christmas is the best time for catching up on movies you haven’t seen. I can guarantee that if you haven’t watched Toy Story 3 (where have you been?), then you will have by the end of December. And who can forget the annual showing of Shrek the Halls and Miracle on 34thstreet?

Dogs dressed in cute outfits: Need I say more?!

The hype: Halloween was barely over when Christmas stuff started popping up all over the place. My local shop was selling decorations just after Easter. It’s nice to be excited, but your anticipation will wear off pretty soon if you start singing “White Christmas” in the middle of November. Apart from using up all of your excitement, getting geared up for Christmas early will only make you more depressed when you realize you still have ages to wait.

The panic: This is kinda connected to “The Hype”, but centers more around people being über-stressed when the day nears and they still haven’t bought their Auntie Marjorie that tea cosy she asked for. Going shopping the week of Christmas is pure stupidity, and will (maybe) guarantee you severe contusions and a fractured skull. Everyone knows this, and yet they still take the dangerous trek into town, kidding themselves that they will be OK, and that Harold from across the road was only in a coma for 2 months.

The cold: Some people may think that the sniffly, red-nosed reindeer look is schmexy, but when you sneeze oozing green bogies at them, they soon change their opinion. The common cold is one of the perils of winter, caused by…well, the freezing temperatures and coldness. Of course, if you live in a lovely warm country, you won’t experience this problem, and I think I speak for everyone here when I say “Away ya go”, as us Scottish would put it.

Relatives: Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, but sometimes they get on my nerves. Whenever Christmas comes around, everyone sees it as a great opportunity to get together and have a jolly time. Cue the “ooh look how much you’ve grown” scenario, followed by the bombardment of awkward questions about your school life, social life and current mental state. After having to explain to your granddad that when you said your Art teacher was “wicked”, you didn’t mean she was an evil, red-slippered witch for the thirty-seventh time, no one is in the mood for being good-willed towards all men.

Does the good outweigh the bad?

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