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The Return of Sparksgiving

Listen up, y’all. Because it’s only fifteen days away from November 30th, aka Sparksgiving Day.

Now in case you weren’t here around this time of year last year, you might not know what Sparksgiving is. Sparksgiving last year was started by our wonderful fourtris, and is a day we all gathered together in one big SparkLife Family Reunion to eat till our stomachs burst and throw food at each other.

You can find more about it here.

Make sure to pop in or at least spread this around to your fellow Sparklers if you can, because y’all, it’s about time we got together again. Remember: No RSVP required. And it’s going to be on the Open Thread (Specifically Open Thread for November 30th, if time doesn’t go Wibbly.)

We hope to see you there!