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The Scorch Trials Trailer Is So Good THAT WE CAN’T EVEN HANDLE IT

GLADERS, THIS IS NOT A DRILL: the trailer for The Scorch Trials is finally here, and it is even more A-MAZE-ING than we’d hoped. (SORRY NOT SORRY FOR THAT SUPER-GREAT WORDPLAY.)

In case you somehow missed the Maze Runner hype last year, NOW’S YOUR CHANCE TO CATCH UP. The first thing you should know is that Dylan O’Brien (that dashing young gent who routinely out-acts and out-adorables everyone on Teen Wolf) is back as chisel-jawed Thomas, the endearingly misinformed newb (not to be confused with Newt) who spent the first film sprinting around in a maze before discovering that he and his friends are little more than (VERY GOOD-LOOKING) lab rats in a gigantic post-apocalyptic experiment.

But they’re lab rats who escape—or so they think. (Hint: THEY ARE REALLY, REALLY WRONG.)

The Scorch Trials deals with what happens after “or so they think,” and if this trailer is any indication, this movie is going to A NON-STOP ROLLER COASTER OF THRILLS THAT WE DEFINITELY WANT TO RIDE. (We’re struggling a bit with metaphors today.)


SAME. Two seconds in and already I was reaching for the screen, whispering “my babies,” over the ominous music. Is this what happens when you get older than the protagonists of YA novels? Your whisperings turn from “my loves” to “my babies?” I will put that minor existential crisis aside to deal with the more pressing, immediate matter: how everybody in this trailer needs some hot soup, some blankets, and a few seasons of Bill Nye on Netflix. I mean, they escape the maze, and all they want is some time to recover from its indescribable horrors, and INSTEAD Aidan Gillen (aka Lord Baelish aka Littlefinger aka WE ARE SO FURIOUS AT HIM RIGHT NOW) shows up and ruins everything.

Aidan is playing to his strengths portraying a creepy, syllable-stretching gent with artfully grayed temples—I mean, really, it’s a dream casting for a dude called “Rat Man” in the books. It seems like he’s pulling every string in this string circus, and while I wouldn’t exactly call that book-accurate, when your book detours to include a clubbing scene in the middle of a wasteland, hey, anything is go. At any rate, it seems like he tells Thomas the truth about about his dark and sinister plan, then gets mad when Thomas tries to leave. But it’s like, dude, you can’t just tell people they live in the allegory of the cave and then expect them to not bail. Amiright?

Where were we?

Oh right, everything is STILL TERRIBLE for my precious babies. Also, everyone is running. At least we have that. Just when you thought there would be no more running because there’s no more maze, OH BOY, DO WE HAVE SOME RUNNING FOR YOU. Thomas even learned from the last time he almost waited too long to to squeeze through a quickly-closing door. You go, Thomas. Four movies for you, Thomas.

GAH, YOU GUYS. I can’t possibly wait ’til September for this.

Other highlights:
– Women exist besides Teresa (was that Brenda? PURLEAZE say that was Brenda)
– “We weren’t the only maze.” CHILLS.
– Every glorious second Minho is onscreen.
– The desolate scorched (hey, I get it now!) earth wasteland looks AMAZING.

Things I hope turn up in the next railer:
– I didn’t see any tattoos. Where are the tattoos? Those reveals were some of the best (and creepiest) parts of the book.
– B-Team. Where is Group B?
– MAZE PUNS. It would’ve been so easy for Aidan Gillen to drawl, “Your escape. . . it was truly amazeing.” And then for Thomas to casually flip the table and walk out.

What else did you catch, Gladers? WHAT DID I MISS? Are you counting the days until this hits theaters on September 18? Are you super-impressed with Thomas’ door-sliding skillz?