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There Is Going to Be a Hunger Games Live Arena Show *Whistles*

Even as you prepare yourself to descend into the emotional bunker that Mockingjay Part 1 is sure to be on November 21, we have exciting news for the bobbies, lorry drivers and honeybears who live near Wembley Stadium: in summer 2016, Lionsgate and Imagine Nation will be teaming up to put on an immersive theatrical Hunger Games experience with a rotating auditorium that cycles through four sets. That is, THEY’RE BASICALLY BUILDING A HUNGER GAMES ARENA IN LONDON.

Imagine Nation has already put on a couple of “immersive” shows like this: ANNE, based on The Diary of Anne Frank, and a Dutch musical, Soldier of Orange. These have been massive hits, because obviously the next step beyond Disney on Ice was to plonk our musical-loving souls into the middle of the action. You guys, it is going to make that swinging chandelier in The Phantom of the Opera seem seriously old school.

It’s hard to know exactly what the show will look like, but I did find a very Dutch video giving us a look at ANNE—you see a mix of live actors and recorded clips behind them, and the audience presumably up close, feeling it all. Skip to 1:40 unless you’re into hearing what these nice people in Amsterdam had to say about the show.

I CAN SEE SO MANY REASONS TO BE EXCITED ABOUT THIS, ignoring the fact that I don’t live in England:

  • 3D arrows flying over your head
  • wildfires raging all around
  • screens screens screens that make it feel like you are WATCHING the Hunger Games, like the actual games
  • getting splattered with blood (I love a show that comes with a spray jacket)
  • the chariots


What do you think about this announcement? Are you wildly curious and incredibly keen to hop a lorry to Britain for this amazing show!?