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This Website Lets You Literally Judge a Book by Its Cover

You know how people say to “never judge a book by its cover,” which is a metaphor for never judging someone’s character based on his/her preferred brand of breakfast cereal? Or appearance, or whatever it is? Those people have a point. How could someone’s affinity for Grape Nuts indicate his level of approachability? Why should someone reaching for the Kix set off your alarm bells? Your moral opposition to Raisin Bran may be eliminating an entire demographic of potential soulmates, Sparklers.*

So listen up, cover judgers: There now exists a website that allows you immerse yourself in the book cover metaphor so deeply that you will resurface as an awakened being, savvy to the absolute necessity of what you once thought was just another clichéd phrase. >Click here< to judge actual book covers against their Goodreads rating, and watch as the life lesson unwraps you from your cocoon as you emerge a BEAUTIFUL, NON-JUDGEMENTAL BUTTERFLY.

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I played. I judged. I was scolded by a tiny yellow book with a mouth gaping wide with disappointment. I have emerged a less judgey, butterfly version of myself, and do swear on my honor that I will henceforth never judge a book by its resting typeface EVER AGAIN. Unless that book likes Crispix.**

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*My metaphors are rusty.

**Very rusty.

Are you about to (metaphorically) tattoo this metaphor to your forehead? Leave your results in the comments!