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Toga Parties and Feelin’ Fly: Camp Electric Part 4!

Camp’s not over yet! Metalhead865 gives us more deets on his rockin’ summer.—Sparkitors

Time: 10:44 PM (Central)
Location: Dorm
Mood: Tired

Okay, first of all, I now love Sanctus Real. They’re basically an awesome pop rock worship band.

Electra and I had to find seats in the back because apparently we aren’t allowed to stand on the chairs up front anymore. (I tried sitting on top of one of the chairs but the whole chair tipped over backward and I landed on someone else…awkward much?) Still, everyone put their hands in the air and sang along to some Sanctus. After the show, four of the guys even signed my CD. (Their lead singer, Matt, lost his voice and had to sit out the signing. It was still fun, though.)

You’re supposed to have at least one person with you wherever you go, so I hung with Electra (in-costume) on the way back to the dorm. And on our way, we ran into about ten guys in togas. Playing in the fountain.

Yes, I said ten guys in togas playing in the fountain. I won’t elaborate any further.

Well, I finally made it back to my dorm. The toga party’s over and now I can get some rest before Thousand Foot Krutch brings down the house tomorrow. And that might be a literal statement. Night!

Day 3 (July 19)
Time: 11:55 AM (Central)
Location: The Hub (snack bar)
Mood: Hyper-pumped

Woop woop. Today’s been awesome so far. After getting front row for morning worship, our guitar clinic was led by none other than Brian “The Bomb” Haley, Byron “Man, Who Told You About My Rash?” “Talkbox” Chambers, ToddieFunk, and Tim Rosenau from TobyMac’s Diverse City Band. They played songs, answered questions, and after the clinic, I got to hang out with Tim, the guitarist. And he let me give him the link to my artist website.

Like Toby says, “You got me feelin’ so fly.” It’s about time for lunch, so I better go eat. The cafeteria chocolate milk is to DIE for.

Time: Around 6:00 PM
Location: The Cube
Mood: XD

Remember how I said I got to hang with Toby’s guitarist? I got to have LUNCH with the guy. We hung out, talked about music, ate food, you know. It’s what rock stars do.

The afternoon concert—singer-songwriter Jamie Grace—was a sweet refresher. Guitar class was boring again; we had another studio musician, but I decided to put the time to good use. As of the end of guitar class, I’ve partially written a very cool song. Someday it’s gonna have to be the camp theme song. More on that later…

Free ice cream at dinner and Thousand Foot Krutch in an hour are makin’ this day awesome. Write again after the show.

Time: 11:00 PM (Central)
Location: Dorm
Mood: Exhausted

Oh, what a night. After the ice cream, we headed to the concert hall, and—can you believe this—my group got in last. LAST. For one of my favorite bands, I ended up at the very back of the theater and I could see NOTHING at all.


Thanks to my two elbows and the general slipperiness of the guys in the mosh pit, I ended up right in front of lead singer Trevor McNevan’s spinal cord mike stand:

I knew all but two of the songs that the guys did, so I sang along a LOT and have no voice now because of it.  I can’t even begin to say how much energy these guys have—I couldn’t get any good pictures of Trevor, he was jumping around so much.

I kept thinking Steve was going to break a drumstick, he was drumming so hard. Ty’s dreads were going EVERYWHERE, too, and I thought Joel (the bassist) was gonna kick someone. One of the dudes in the crowd tried to crowd surf up to the front, but that’s not allowed, I guess, because the chaperones had him out of the mosh pit in five seconds.

After the show, I got a CD signed by the guys, and Trevor even posed for a picture.

I even got one of the setlists from the stage (YEAH!) which I lost moments later (DANG!). But I did get free pizza and got our camp pastor to meet the Orange-Haired Wonder. (Electra, if you’re reading this, keep ampin’ the camp.)

So far this has been the best night of camp, but I have a feeling it can only get better. I’ll write more tomorrow!

Does your summer camp experience even come close to this? DO YOU GET TO EAT LUNCH WITH ROCK STARS?

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