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Trendy Looks At Thrifty Prices, Part Duex!

I’m back again this week with more things I thrifted that totally beat out retail prices. Here are my trend inspirations, and vintage finds that are similar.

(Sweater, Goodwill $7 | Pants, Buffalo Exchange | Shoes, Hold My Gold Vintage)
Trend inspiration: J. Crew Cashmere Sweater, $270
Money saved by thrifting: $263

This sweater has a super sweet Peter Pan collar. The best part is the fabric content: angora, cashmere, and wool. This blend is equal parts soft and warm. I decided to pair the bright color with glittery pants for a casual but fun look.

(Dress, Goodwill, $18| Shoes, Nine West)
Trend inspiration: Vivenne Westwood Sequin Gown, $1,552.20
Money saved by thrifting: $1,551.20

In recent months I’ve found myself collecting a substantial number of sequined and beaded pieces. Though I don’t necessarily know where I’m going to wear every single purchase, they are interesting pieces to have in my closet.

This sequin number is no different. It has a lot of extras that really attracted me to it—I mean, I bought a beaded gown! It has a scalloped hem and at the back there is a chiffon mermaid train.

(Jacket, Goodwill, $12 | Jeans, J. Brand | Shoes, Hold My Gold Vintage)
Trend inspiration: Yesstyle Faux Fur Collar Coat, $117
Money saved by thrifting: $105

I found this awesome faux fur collar jacket floating around as I was on my way to the checkout line. This is a good piece to wear on those days when it’s not cold enough to pile on eight layers, but not warm enough for just a sweater. The fit is excellent, allowing me to wear a tee shirt and sweater underneath without looking very bulky. This will be a good jacket for transitional weather into spring.

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*Photos shot on a Canon EOS Rebel T2i by Stephen James

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