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Trendy Looks at Thrifty Prices

This week, I thought I’d show how easy it is to thrift current retail trends. The question isn’t really “Where should I look?” but “How should I look?” First and foremost, make sure you’re actually buying the right size and fit for your body. Second, use your best judgment to decide whether the item is dated or on-trend. Ask yourself if you could actually work it into outfits in your wardrobe. If you’ve given yourself the green light on those questions, chances are you’ve stumbled upon a winner. Here are my favorite thrifted items that reflect trends in retail stores.

(Blouse, Goodwill | Belt, Value World | Skirt, Goodwill $3.50 | Shoes, Nine West)
Trend inspiration: Nordstrom Maxi Skirt, $495
Money saved by thrifting: $491.50

Though pastels aren’t exactly a winter color scheme, this powder blue skirt caught my eye. The color is very muted, so I paired it with a dark blouse and belt in a bold color. The color story in this outfit doesn’t exactly “match,” but I think it goes well together. It’s unexpected, but completely soft at the same time.

(Blouse, Goodwill | Trousers, Goodwill, $5 | Shoes, Nine West)
Trend inspiration: American Apparel High-Waisted Pants, $78
Money saved by thrifting: $73

Same blouse, different bottoms. This look is inspired by American Apparel’s high waisted pants/blouse combo. The pant comes in a rainbow of colors, and to be honest, I’ve owned a few. However, the thrifted pants are made of wool, whereas the AA pants are made of micro polyester. The thrifted item easily beats the newer version in terms of fabric, construction, and quality Also, at just $5, they are a steal compared to $78 !

(Blouse, Buffalo Exchange, $32 | Skirt, American Apparel | Shoes, Nine West)
Trend inspiration: D&G Pearl Front Blouse, $247
Money saved by thrifting: $215

Last but not least, this dainty little blouse may be my favorite vintage purchase of all time. The print is made up of tiny hand-knit beads. The label is ’80’s Oscar de La Renta! It is in pristine condition, and above all, the fit is absolutely perfect. I tucked the blouse into an equally tiny skirt and kept the rest of the outfit simple. Does anyone have other suggestions for how I should style this blouse?

*Photos taken by Stephen James