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Us the Duo Covers All of 2014’s Biggest Hits in Under 3 Minutes & OMG IT’S INCREDIBLE

As the year of stalking Benedict Cumberbatch and waiting feverishly for Mockingjay Part 1 draws to a close, it’s time to sit back and reflect on the fact that another 525,600 minutes have gone by without you dating a member of One Direction. Or, for some of us, to close our eyes tightly and sprint away from memories that should never be recalled again (PSA: covering eggplants in duct tape does not preserve them and it is not advisable).

Of course, 2014 has brought us some of the most danceable tunes of the first half of the second decade of the 21st century. Who can resist clapping and smiling to Happy?* Who can suppress the urge to rebel against the Capitol when a rousing chorus of The Hanging Tree is sung?* And who has the fortitude NOT to break into a solo dance partay when listening to T-Swift’s new album?!*

*The answers are, respectively, Gru, President Snow, and Voldemort.

Capitalizing on the phenomenal hits released this year, the duet group Us the Duo has assembled the best songs of 2014 and performed UBER-abbreviated versions of them for the listening enjoyment of the world. With Michael and Carissa Alvarado’s (YES THEY’RE A COUPLE FDJWFSDJI) keyboard, beatboxing, and harmonizing skills, I give you the top hits of 2014 in just over two minutes.

My play-by-play thoughts:


0:08 The harmony is bringing tears to my eyes

0:23 I am doing an awkward waist-up dance in my desk chair

0:45 Kudos to you, man. When I beatbox it sounds like a kindergarten teacher shushing small children

1:06 There’s a ukulele in the left corner. That is the only thing that could make this better.

1:30 Their children are the unnamed Bellas and Trebles of Pitch Perfect. They should get a spin-off.


2:20 Who or what is Billy? A dog? A musically gifted child? A poinsettia?

SO, what did you think? Epically fantastic, or fantastically epic??? What adjectives can accurately describe the majesty of this vid?

We had never heard of Us the Duo before this (SORRY WE’RE OLD AND LAME) but now we’re OBSESSED. Are you loving them too, or do you happen to be Gru, Prez Snow, and/or Voldemort??

jon macarewa