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Video War: Panic! At The Disco Vs. The Parlotones

In a Video War first, both of this week’s contestant’s were suggested by Sparklers, which means absolutely no blame can be placed on the Sparkitors if you hate them/are filled with an all-consuming hatred for them/puncture your own ear drums with a dull spoon in order to end the pain of listening to them. Ah, we love it when the the weighty responsibility of  choice is placed on a set of sparkly shoulder’s not our own. But before you get to bashing (or loving!) this week’s bands, let’s give a hand to last week’s Video War Victory Award-Winners!

elise929 for comment #3

wilderedbird for comment #10

snowangel1794 for comment #14

RemusElphias20 for comment #25

BonnieBellez for comment #33

amanda_bear23 for comment #41

angelicangel360 for comment #61

DerDanzen for comment #57

Final Score:

Lady Antebellum: 12

Arcade Fire: 39

Alright, so you guys ain’t too fond of country  music, but how will you react to tunes from a different continent? We can hardly wait to find out!

In one corner we’ve got the The Ballad of Mona Lisa by Panic! at the Disco (suggested by TAMM!E):

And in the other corner, per the recommendation of DerDanzen, we’ve got South African band The Parlotones with Push Me To The Floor:

Cast your vote in the comments!

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