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Vocab Word of the Day!

EPIC VOCAB SHOUT-OUTS from yesterday’s post go to:

sayWHAT??shutUP!!: Saying that Rebecca Black’s song “Friday” is the worst song ever has become a platitude; I propose we call it the worst thing ever created in the entire multiverse.

SarahBellum37: The platinum, plate-less platypus plaintively paddled through a plateau of platitudes. (The platypus is symbolic of many Sparklers, who have to spend their time maneuvering around insipid and plain language and conversations through their day-to-day life.)

aleyna22: Rebecca Black ought to submit a sentence; with lyrics like “today is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards,” she is obviously the queen of platitudes.

InsaneRunningKid: To say this comment deserves a shout out would be platitude, even at this latitude and with my bad attitude, and you would get my gratitude if you would just pick it, dude.

By the way, guess where I am now? CAT MAN DOO, NEPAL!!! Yeah buddy! I’d say the creativity of my spelling of “Kathmandu” deserves a shout out itself.

Today’s word: Aggrieved

Definition: Wronged, offended, or injured; deprived of legal rights or claims

Post your sentence in the comments!

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