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Vocab Word of the Day

Let’s dispense with the pleasantries (“pleasantries” are what Chelsea Dagger calls her feeble attempts at wit) and get straight down to business: yesterday’s WINNAZ. The EPIC VOCAB SHOUT-OUTS for our favorite Sparkler/comment combos go to:

classicsnerd3: Even though she never spoke much in the books, I always imagined Pansy Parkinson’s voice to be so mawkish that even Crabbe and Goyle lost their appetites.

ILaikeTuwtles: I became intolerably mawkish upon discovering my brohan snogging my (supposed) biffl for the riffl in MY FREICHEN DEICHEN ROOM.

friendlydragonette: My mother can be quite mawkish at wedings and funerals…as can my sister’s feet.

Today’s word: behemoth

Definition: Any creature or thing of monstrous size or power

Post your best sentence in the comments!

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