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Vocab Word of the Day!

EPIC VOCAB SHOUT-OUTS from yesterday’s post go to:

Maura44: As to whether this sentence will be chosen as a shout-out, I am completely diffident about the entire subject. (PLEASE, PLEASE CHOOSE MY SENTENCE! I’M BEGGING YOU!)

capt.wentworth’smine: Bella was often diffident around boys, until she met the uber-angsty, perverted vampire who watched her sleep, at which point in time her self worth, confidence, and happiness soared. Sarcasm hand raised.

tennislvr13: Sparknotes’ Confidence Pants Week inspired me, a shy, diffident girl to ask out the boy who sat next to her in English class. They are now one of the cutest couples in their grade!

wallfairy: A diffident Draco is an oxymoron, while a diffident Ron is a cutie pie.

Rits_Carelton: To be diffident or not to be diffident, that is the question, thought Harry before he decided to just pull on his Confidence Pants and kiss Cho Chang.

Today’s word: Insatiable

Definition: Incapable of being satisfied or appeased; greedy

Post your sentence in the comments, Sparklebutts!

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