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We <3 the To-Do List

Sometimes you have so many plans and tasks running amok in your head, it’s a wonder you even remember to change your underwear (don’t worry, Mom, we change our underwear—we’re just using hyperbole).

If you, like us, have resolved to be more organized this year, let us introduce you to your new best friend: the to-do list. It’s amazing that just writing down what you have to do and crossing off completed tasks can make a difference, but we’re convinced to-do lists have saved lives, if not the world.

Three reasons we love the to-do list:

1. It lets us sleep. Before the dawn of to-do lists in our life, we used to spend the better part of two hours tossing and turning in bed at night composing acronyms to help us remember the things we had to do the next day. Sample acronym:

1. Find Spanish textbook.

2. Ask mom for doctor’s note.

3. Read Catcher in the Rye.

4. Tell Mrs. Yancey I won’t be in class Tuesday.

Jotting down a to-do list before bed lets us leave tomorrow’s tasks to tomorrow and sleep like worry-free angels.

2. We can put minor, mundane tasks on the list and convince ourselves we are being productive when really we’re not.

1. Hit snooze.  √

2. Hit snooze.  √

3. Hit snooze. √

4. Brush teeth  √

5. Wash face   √

6. Eat cereal   √

7. Check Sparklife   √

Wow! This day’s off to a bangin’ start!

3. We actually get things done. That closet we’ve been meaning to clean out for six months but keep forgetting until we go to get a sweater and an avalanche of shoeboxes rains down upon us? Got r done (or would it be “gitted r done?”). That Facebook message from our grandmother that has been staring us in the face, begging for a response for two weeks? Answered it. That short story that wasn’t going to write itself? Well, that’s still not done, but it’s on the list.

Do you write to-do lists? Do they help you get things done?

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