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We Need Your Opinion on Video SparkNotes!

Hey Sparklers,

It’s no secret that we mosey on over to SparkLife anytime we want to know how to make SparkNotes better. You guys are awesome. You’re honest, you’re smart, and you smell like eco-friendly cleaning products. (Or is that just our computer screen?)

This week, we launched a brand spankin’ new Video SparkNote for Hamlet. We’re excited, but we have to admit that we’re complete noobs when it comes to this Hollywood filmmaking stuff. So we’d love you to answer this question: How does our second video SparkNote compare to our first, 1984? Do you like the art? How bout the British dude who narrates? What did you think of both Video SparkNotes, overall?

Your input will help us figure out how to win an Oscar off a Video SparkNote make our new Video SparkNotes series as helpful as possible.

Thanks so much!

—SparkNotes editors