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Welcome to SparkLife 2.0: You Can Now PUBLISH Your Own Sparkler Posts!

SURPRISE!!!!! We’ve been reading and listening to hopes, dreams, desires, and concerns from Sparklers around the world, and as a result, we’ve created A PLACE TO WRITE AND PUBLISH YOUR OWN SPARKLIFE POSTS!!!

The new feature allows you to log in under your SparkNotes username, publish original writing and artwork on, and upvote posts you think are great! If your post receives enough upvotes, you can earn a trophy on your profile, AND your post will be bumped to the SparkLife homepage.

Sparkler My-Fair-Googie wrote a post on the new Sparkler post page that asks a lot of great questions about the new Sparkler post system. Here are our answers, Googie!

1. You’re really letting us post anything? Yes! However, we have the right to take it down if we deem it inappropriate. (Trolls, you know who you are.)

2. If Gary logs us out, will the post we’re writing still be there? Noooooooooo! Our tech guru Andrew says that they’re still working out some kinks, and advises you guys to backup your post by saving it somewhere else before you click submit. In fact, it’s probably wisest to write the post in a Word doc or in an email, then paste it into the submission area for the time being. Sorry for the inconvenience!

3. Will Spurklers be able to see our posts as well? Everyone can see all of your posts. Once you publish them, they’re on the For Real Internet. Get it gurrrrrl, you so famous!

4. Is this the end of Sparkler Posts as we know it? The new Sparkler post hub is definitely the place to be now. If you really want to work with an editor, however, you’re always welcome to email us at

5. On that note… Will you be reading all our posts or is this a new, longer version of the OT where we say what we want and you might notice? You caught onto the fact that we don’t read through every OT?! I’M SHOCKED! But seriously, we are going to read your Sparkler post creations for many reasons: 1. to find new talent 2. because it’s fun 3. to make sure offensive stuff isn’t being written and 4. because it’s our job!

But mostly 1 and 2. 🙂

6. Any tips on finding good pictures for our new amazing posts? YES! Thanks for asking! If you’re not into making your own art, you can find free, legal images on Wikimedia Commons!

7. You know you’re crazy right? We’ve been told.

Thanks so much for writing that post, Googs. And to everyone else: We can’t wait for you to go exploring on this new part of our site. But please, tell us about it! In the comments of this post, ask questions, point out bugs or confusing copy, and make suggestions for improvements. We’re relying on you guys to help us make this better! Now, GO FORTH AND HAVE FUN!