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What Do Dementors and Depression Have in Common? Our Fav Celebs Speak Out About Mental Health

Growing up, some of us are doomed to fight muttations, some of us must take on the Plastics, and some of us have to deal with mental illness. Just as no one deserves an attack by giant gorillas, no one deserves a heaping dose of anxiety or depression, though somewhere between 13% and 20% of children and teens experience mental illness each year. (WHAT?! I KNOW.) It’s bad enough to be sick, but it’s even worse when you get BLAMED for how your sickness is affecting you (“Sorry about that bolt of lightening hitting me guys, I’ll try to miss it next time…”).

What’s great, though, is the celebrities like John Green, J.K. Rowling, and Katniss herself (did we say celebrities, we meant ICONS WE WANT TO EAT PIZZA WITH) who have spoken out about mental illness to help educate the public on how brains and their imbalances work. Click on for all the smart, heart-bursting things they have said about their own experiences with mental illness…