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What We Know About Ender’s Game (So Far)

A week ago, the producers of the film Ender’s Game announced that principal photography was done. That means it’s gonna be quiet at Battle School until we see a trailer for the movie, which comes out November 2013.

That’s just too far for us, though, so get your parental consent slips signed and we’ll jump in a ship with Mazer Rackham, go faster than the speed of light, and watch time speed up like buggers on a windshield.

Or we could just take a look at some of these pictures released on the producer’s blog. These bring some things to light about the film but leaves us with some questions.

What We Do Know:

1. Ender’s Game’s feel will be very realistic, NASA-esque; a future you can imagine easily. From Ender’s room to the camera in the back of his neck, this technology doesn’t feel very far away. Which begs the question…how far away are the buggers?

2. It will feature all the main characters of the book. They didn’t take anybody major out or add anyone in, it appears, though they did change the gender of one character.

What We Don’t Know:

1. How much different the book will be from the movie. We know it’s going to change; we just don’t know how much. Orson Scott Card said in the linked interview that the script has his confidence, but what does that mean? Is it just an excuse or another way of saying ‘it’s way different than the book, but it’ll still be a good movie’?

2. What the buggers will look like. We know we’ll see them, or at least their ships, as the producer says on the Tumblr blog. They don’t appear at all in the books; they’re just talked about and fought from lightyears away.