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What Your Online Laugh Says About You

With all the ROFLing that PURPORTEDLY happens on the internet, it’s a wonder there aren’t more ethernet-related burn injuries. HOW IS IT, we always want to ask, THAT YOU ARE ROFLING, BUT ALSO TYPING? How do we have any butts left after we have laughed them all off? Why are libraries so quiet if everyone is LOLing like they just don’t care?

Are we, in fact, exaggerating our laughter to grease the social wheels/dazzle the masses into believing their lives are wonderful and the republic is a carnival with no losers? NEVAHHHH.


Indeed, like characters in a dystopian sci-fi vision, we have managed to distill our amusement into tiny pill-shaped expressions of laughter for the sake of the internet. (UH-OH, ARE WE TURNING INTO EMOTIONLESS ROBOTS?) But the WAY that you express your jollies through binary code says a lot about what type of person you are. Are you Channing Tatum’s spirit brother? When he is amused, his emails look a little like this:


Do you see why we want to be his forever friend? He is a TREASURE!

Or are you a dry-as-toast Paris Hilton clone (“that’s funny.”)? Find your internet laugh of choice below to diagnose yourself…


You’re too polite, let LOOOSE! This is also the favored internet laugh of the devoted Go-Gurt consumer, as it can be easily typed one-handed.


You’re so jolly and fun you never laugh without rubbing your belly full of jelly.


You don’t care WHAT other people think of you. You have set yourself on fire more than once, but it’s okay, because eyebrows always grow back.


This is a flirting technique; the internet laugh equivalent of crowing when a potential mate begins their bird-dance of comedic seduction.


When you laugh in real life, your laughter follows a similar pattern: You begin laughing, only to become stuck in one key (“haaaaaaaaaaaaa”).

“Ruh Ruh Ruh”

What a loyal friend. You’ll laugh at anything they say for a rub behind the ears.


You’re a huge comic book fan. When you sleep you “ZZZZZzzzzzz.”


You’re like Katniss, and like to keep your emotions safely tucked into your quiver.

“He he”

You’re like a little mouse. Cute, but also riddled with disease.


You’re a leprechaun.


Sorry, but we are not volunteering to be your driving instructor. This type of internet laughter does not bode well for the parallel parking challenge.


You are part of the key butt demographic we cater to at SparkLife.


You’re the Captain Obvious of your group of friends.


You’re part sheep, meaning you only laugh after a friend does.


You’re a evil genius! Keep up the good work!


Your laugh frightens small children.


You will find love again.


You don’t know when to stop and laugh way past the point that anyone can even remember what the joke was.

“Sorry new phone. Who dis?”

You’re quite the jokester. Keeps them guessing. Or did you really get a new phone?

“You’re too funny!”

You’re too nice. As long as this person isn’t trying to date you, this is a fine, polite response. (If someone you like responds to one of your jokes like this, you are doomed :/ )