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What’s Your Literary Pen Name?

Writers don’t have time to come up with really great pseudonyms, being far too busy oiling their typewriters and smoking their fancy pipes (or, you know, writing). Plus, there are already so many great pen names out there—why reinvent the wheel? If you’re in the market for a good pseudonym, use the following formula, borrowing from history’s best nom de plumes, to make one suited just for you. Click on the names to see where they originated (unless you already know! In which case, hats off to you).

Your first name = The state in which you were born:

Alabama: Jean

Alaska: Abigail

Arizona: Acton

Arkansas: Art

California: Peyo

Colorado: Pretty Boy

Connecticut: Pygge

Delaware: Wonkette

Florida: Woody

Georgia: Currer

Hawaii: Dosso

Idaho: Doctor

Illinois: Lucky

Indiana: Ibn

Iowa: Iceberg

Kansas: J.K.

Kentucky: Lemony

Louisiana: Clive

Maine: Cheryl

Maryland: Maddox

Massachusetts: Mary

Michigan: William

Minnesota: Papa

Mississippi: Professor

Missouri: Sandf

Montana: Tom

Nebraska: Ann

Nevada: Ayn

New Hampshire: Boz

New Jersey: Rhys

New Mexico: Robin

New York: Ickey

North Carolina: Ellis

North Dakota: Gulzar

Ohio: Sue

Oklahoma: Voltaire

Oregon: Mother

Pennsylvania: Banksy

Rhode Island: Diablo

South Carolina: George

South Dakota: Stan

Tennesse: Ted

Texas: Lord

Utah: Mr.

Vermont: Zorro

Virginia: Baby Face

Washington: Bugsy

Washington D.C.: Dick

West Virginia: Seymore

Wisconsin: Locke

Wyoming: Yogi

Outside the U.S.: Scarlet

Your middle name = The month in which you were born

January: Deco

February: Duda

March: Drift

April: Geki

May: Gimax

June: El

July: JJ

August: Chi Chi

September: Kareem

October: Bummy

November: Ochocinco

December: Sese

Your last name: Your favorite Disney character

Mickey: Dupont

Minnie: Van Buren

Pluto: Bell

Donald: Hamilton

Daisy: Toth

Chip and/or Dale: Warraq

Ariel: Slim

Peter Pan: Rowling

Alice: Snicket

Aladdin: Carroll

Belle: Clerk

Abu: Westmacott

Pluto: Twain

Bambi: Shakespeare

Br’er Rabbit: Balloons

Cheshire Cat: X

Winnie The Pooh: Beech

Fairy Godmother: Tomorrow

Robin Hood: Landers

Pocahontas: Rand

Gaston: Hobb

Sebastian: Seuss

Mulan: Bell

Nemo: Denim

Wall-E: Jones

Carl Fredricksen: Rice

Woody: Cody

Cruella DeVil: Orwell

Jiminy Cricket: Lee

Simba: Nancy

Dopey: Allen

Prince Charming: Voldermort

The Tramp: Vandelay

The Mad Hatter: Underhill

Lumiere: Nelson

The Magic Carpet: Siegel

Snow White: Luciano

Buzz Lightyear: Butts

Wreck It Ralph: Floyd

Rapunzel: Aramis

Tinkerbell: Berra

Merlin: Tiger

Mufasa: Woods

I hate Disney: Parmigianino

Lauren’s awesome pseudonym is Seymore Drift Berra! What’s yours?