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Which Classic Halloween Monster are You Quiz!

Our strangest holiday is nearly upon us! No–not the one where the rabbit hides the eggs. And not the one where the archer infant violently tricks you into love. It’s nearly HALLOWEEN! A holiday where we all disguise ourselves and harass neighbors for candy! For a more lucrative haul this year, we recommend harnessing the intimidation factor of a classic monster costume.

We can help you select the best costume for your personality by taking our quiz. Select the number next to your favorite answer, then add all your numbers up and check which costume matches your final score at the bottom of the page.

How would you feel at a Halloween house party?
1 – Thirsty
2 – Invisible
3 – Sleepy
4 – Excitable… and maybe like I’m about to bite someone
5 – Like everyone is out to get me
6 – Like I’m moving in slow motion

What do you look for in a potential mate?
1 – Someone positive
2 – A nice body… or any body
3 – Must love cats
4 – Must love dogs
5 – My missing piece

How do you feel that most people perceive you?
1 – Charming and sophisticated
2 – Some feel as if they already know me
3 – Not to brag, bust some people worship me… others think I’m toilet paper though
4 – Ferocious! Fierce! Like a hairy Beyonce!
5 – Nobody every sees me for all that I am
6 – They think I’m brain-dead

Where would you rather be?
1 – Transylvania
2 – The past
3 – Egypt
4 – The dog park
5 – Science lab
6 – The graveyard

What is your ideal Halloween candy?
1 – I prefer savory
2 – Candy goes right through me
3 – Something with elaborate wrapping
4 – Dog treats
5 – A Take5 (the candy that’s made of 5 different components)

Okay…. Now go back and add up the numbers next to each of you favorite answers. Check the grand total against the scale below to discover which classic Halloween monster costume is best fitted for you!

1-5 You should go dressed as a rock because you are as dumb as a rock. This math isn’t possible. Add again.

6-10 You are Dracula. You classy classic villain! You’re seemingly smooth until the most unsuspecting moment when suddenly… you bite!

10-15 You are a ghost. You’re very hard to understand. Some people fear you. Others love you. Yet many don’t even believe you exist. You’re either unnoticed or jarringly public. You are an inigma. BOO!

16-20 You are a mummy. You’ve got an old soul and occasionally feel out of place in this world.

21-25 You are a werewolf. For the most part, you’re pretty normal. But every once in a while things get pretty crazy…

26-30 You are Frankenstien’s monster. Please don’t let that label sound too harsh. It isn’t an insult. The creature made of other’s components is both interesting and unique. So stop being so sensitive and get ya dynamic freak on!

Who did you get? Is that the best fit for you? Tell us in the comments below.