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Why Life Is Better Without A Car

charmedgiirl14, you have succeeded in singlehandedly bringing down the car industry. Well, almost. —Sparkitors

I recently read the post Why Life is Better With a Car, and although miki-the-rainbow makes some valid points about the benefits of having a car, I’m here to stand up for us car-less Sparklers and prove that life is even better without one!

1. Few chores: Who drives their whiny little brother to 13 karate practices a week? People with cars. Who goes grocery shopping? People with cars. Who gets to lean back on the couch and coolly say “Sorry, ‘fraid I can’t help you with that one,” when their parents ask them to pick up a 200-pound block of cement from the junkyard? People WITHOUT cars. Oh yeahhhh.

2. Carpooling. You can save the universe by using less gas! And “saving the universe” will look stellar in the Extracurricular Activities section of your college applications. Plus, isn’t the carpool lane always a million times less crowded?

3. You get to NOT DIE. Call me paranoid, but what if you’re 10 minutes late for an interview, you can’t find a parking spot, and you get so frustrated that you accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake and lurch forward into a quicksand swamp filled with zombies? EXACTLY.

4. Shotgun. Everyone knows that riding shotgun in a friend’s car is MUCH better than manning the wheel. You get to control the radio, take pictures on your camera phone, and  stick french fries up your nose instead of keeping your eyes on the stupid road. Ah, the freedom of the passenger seat!

5. Gas is expensive. So is an actual car. And insurance. And don’t lie, we know that every time you get in your car, you go to a drive-thru. You’re spending billions and billions of dollars a year (that may be a slight exaggeration) on your vehicle when you could be saving money by mooching rides off a friend. Think about it, dudes.

So, what’s the final verdict? To car, or not to car?

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