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?4U—are you addicted to text lingo? Or maybe you’ve got Twitter tongue? Perhaps you simply suffer from LOL Cats-itis. To gauge the severity of your problem, see how many of the following apply to you:

1. You say “LOL” instead of laughing.
2. You get annoyed when people leave you a voicemail instead of just sending you a text.
3. LOL 🙂 is your favorite song.
4. You’ve text messaged a break up.
5. You hear phantom text message alerts. (When you go to check your phone, you actually have no messages.)
6. You turned in an essay peppered with text message lingo, and instead of a grade, your teacher gave you a, “WTF?”
7. You have to think really hard to remember how to spell things your usually abbreviate.
8. You swear up and down that text messaging/AIM/G Chat has totally made you a faster typer. (This is probably true.)
9. You try to put a hashtag in an email, forgetting that it’s only funny in the context of Twitter.
10. You use any of the following in conversation on a regular basis: FML, PWN, OMG, WTF, BRB, TTYL, BTW, LMAO.

RESULTS: If you identified with fewer than 5, you don’t have a cell phone or access to a computer. If you identified with between 6 and 9, you’re a texting addict. If you identified with 10 out of 10, you’re just like your SparkNotes editors.

Do u have a txt prob or wut?

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