Miss Julie


Part II

Summary Part II

Jean also engages in a show of "mock gallantry" at his mistress's request, speaking French, feigning sophistication in his speech, and staging a sentimental scene of seduction, even kissing her foot. Julie is delighted by Jean's performance and tells him he should have been an actor. Jean and Julie begin donning personas, playing at being master and servant. This scene does suggest that a real romance could build between Jean and Julie, and that they could complement each other. Their dreams complement each other; Julie yearns to "climb down" from her pillar, and Jean wishes to climb up to the next. In order for the complementary dreams to work together, Julie must degrade herself. In terms of dramaturgical form, this section of the play is notable for its use of pantomime. Christine's tasks introduce an aspect of "real time" into the play, important to Strindbergian naturalism. We watch this interlude while Jean and Julie dance offstage.