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True West


Scene Two

Summary Scene Two

Lee senses this active disapproval and reacts accordingly. For such an aggressive man he is very sensitive to rebuke. Austin apologizes for not being able to spend more time with Lee. He wishes he did not have so much "business" to attend to. Lee thinks Austin is doing Art with a capital A. The two poles of the brothers' approach to life and toward art are apparent in this exchange. There is no real inspiration for Austin: his screenwriting efforts are nothing more than some business. After the negotiation of Lee's departure is settled, Lee suggests that he has his own stories to pitch if Austin's pitch to the producer is not good enough. Lee knows even at this point that Austin does not have the stuff of the real artist. Admittedly, he is probably skilled technically, and has connections within the business. However, if he cannot even regard himself as an artist, then he cannot begin to approach to produce real art. Lee quietly begins the takeover of his brother's business by politely asking him to let the producer know that Lee has his own stories that would make wonderful motion pictures. The scene ends without a reply from Austin. At this point he regards his brother's talk as petty jealousy, not as any real threat to his livelihood. Soon enough he realizes that Lee wants a lot more than his car keys.