Which elements of the new national government may be seen as remedies to British errors in governing the colonists?

What were the major areas of weakness of the Articles of Confederation and how were they exposed during the mid 1780s?

What differences can be found between the British-Native American threat to US settlers in the northwest and the Spanish-Native American threat in the southwest? How did these differences affect US policy?

George Washington left office under a barrage of criticism, yet he is now regarded as one of the greatest presidents in US history. Which view is correct, and why?

What were Alexander Hamilton's goals as Secretary of State in regard to the tie between the government and the upper class? How did his proposals in Congress aim at the achievement of these goals?

How did the Constitution respond directly to the problems faced by the national government under the Articles of Confederation? What evidence was there during Washington's presidency to suggest these problems had been solved?

How did the two major domestic uprisings of the state-building period, Shays' Rebellion and the Whiskey Rebellion reflect the values which arose during the American Revolution? How did each affect the nation's view of the national government?

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