What geopolitical factors made the European balance of power so unstable prior to the outbreak of World War I?

What challenges to the traditional liberal ideal--free markets, low tariffs, no government interference in the economy and society--was noticed in Great Britain, France, Germany, and Austria-Hungary throughout this period?

What is the "White Man's burden" and how did European justify what we would consider racist policies in their imperial ventures?

How did imperialism in Africa and Asia differ? In answering this question, cite specific events in the course of imperialism in Africa and Asia to prove your theory.

Trace an historical line between the Opium Wars and the Boxer Rebellion. In doing so, connect the events to one another in order to show the continuity of the historical story.

How did Ethiopia manage to remain one of the two independent states in Africa when every major power seemed interested in making inroads into that country?

Describe at least three effects of the European imperial venture and try to conclude whether or not the extent of empire was worth some of the negative results.

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