Why was Leonardo da Vinci considered the epitome of the Renaissance Man? Would it be possible for someone today to match his achievements? Explain.

How the various Renaissance popes handle the balance between their roles as spiritual and political leader? What trends emerged over time in the style of papal government?

Describe the impact of the invention of printing on Europe. How did printing affect Italy specifically?

In what ways was the advent of the Reformation foreshadowed by Renaissance thinking?

How did the geographic locations of Venice, Florence, and Milan determine their respective modes of government?

How did the artists and intellectuals of the Renaissance reconcile the principles of humanism and other progressive philosophies of the Renaissance with the still-prevalent doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church?

The Medici have been hailed as both the great heroes of the Renaissance, as well as great villains. Explain the reasoning behind each view. Which is more compelling?

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